Friday, 19 June 2015

Unboxing | June 2015 Glossybox

Hey guys! So I am back with another subscription unboxing eek it's so exciting getting one of these it's like a present to you from you but you have no idea what's in it. So this time I decided to try GlossyBox. The box looks like this and is a super pretty pink and can totally be repurposed. This month's box is themed "festival". I am really loving the look of the outside of the box because it is soooo pretty! I mean it is so sturdy and such a cute pink that it would look good anywhere maybe even as a gift box.
So when I opened the box this is what I saw there was a £25 gift voucher of your first eat fresh delivery which was pretty cool. I mean the box itself was £10 so that's doubled your money already! Then you have the cards telling you what's in the box and the one saying welcome to glossy box. Next you can see that the products are wrapped in the pretty tissue paper which is tied in a bow and has a sticker. The amount of detail glossy box have gone to is amazing it just looks so cute.
So here is a quick overview of all the products I got in this months box. I'll run through them all individually but as you can see they are all really good size products so that's really good. If you would like a full review of any products in the box just leave a comment down below and ill try and do it.


So first thing I pulled out was this Essence gel nail varnish in this navy blue colour. It seems a bit loud for me but if you saw my nails I am definitely into nail art so I am sure I can find a use for somewhere. I quickly tried it out but it does seem quite sheer. However it is a full size product and it isn't bad and it retails for £1.71.

Next thing I got was this sample size Rosewood Reviving Mist, it's supposed to revive your skin halfway through the day and set your makeup or hydrate your skin if you do not have makeup on. It's made from lemon, rosewood and geranium which is great for your skin so I'm quite looking forward to trying it out.

Next are these Halo fragrance free facial wipes. I really like halo wipes and I have recently ran out of wipes that I keep in my handbag and so this travel size is perfect! I don't know if anyone else would be excited about wipes but for me it's a great product to come in my box because if I am out sometimes a girl just needs a wipe yknow. Anyways these retail for £1.20 and you can get them anywhere really like Superdrug or Boots or even Tescos. So maybe if I was being picky it would be nice for a different product I hadn't tried before but I do love it.

Next we received these special flash tattoos that were designed especially for glossy box. They retail for £6.50 which is quite a lot for some tattoos I think and personally I would not usually wear them however because I got them in my Glossy Box I think that I will use them and they will great accessories for my birthday which is this month.

Finally I got this Kueshi anticellulite booster and when I opened the box it was the biggest thing I have seen. It's a full size 150ml bottle and retails for £14.55. It looks like a product I wouldn't pick up in the shop but I am so glad it came in my box. It's perfect because it will be great to get my legs looking nice for that summer look.

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