Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Top Tip Tuesday | How to survive a cold

Now that it's getting colder most of us will start feeling under the weather and it's the time of year we all start catching colds. I had one last week and it was horrible! So I am going to tell you my top tips to survive the cold and fluy weather.

Tip number one is that you should make sure you wrap up warm this might prevent you from catching a cold in the first place but the last thing you want to be doing whilst you're out and ill is being stuck in the cold.

Tip number two is to make sure you drink lots of water. Yes this does include hot chocolate mmm a nice cup of hot chocolate will definitely help because it's warm and tastes scrummy.

My next tip is that even though you feel horrible you should get up and make yourself feel nice by maybe doing your hair and makeup nicely because you'll feel so much nicer, I know I did.

The next tip is to get lots of sleep, your body heals best when your asleep and you need more of it when you're ill.

My last tip is don't get stressed or worried! It'll only make it worse so don't rush just take things one step at a time and you'll be fine

I hope you feel better soon!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

September Make up Haul!

Some how I ended up with quite a lot of Rimmel products opps? I did this over 2 shops one online on amazon the other in Boots. I have put each product under a subtitles if there is only one item you want to know about in the picture above then go to the appropriate section. If there is anything you would like me review separately just leave a comment below.

The first face product I got was a No7 Protect and Perfect foundation in the shade "Deeply beige" as this is what the match service told me I was. This foundation would normally be £16.50 however Boots have massive sales on and I got mine for £5 so I am very excited to try this out.

The next one is the Rimmel stay blushed liquid cheek tint in the shade "Sunkissed Cherry" for £2.69 but I think it's more expensive in highstreet shops. I've never used a cream blush so I'm quiteexcited to see how this turns out.

I will start with the 3 Maybeline Baby Lips, there has been so much hype around these that I thought I'd try them out and they were only £2.99 each with 3 for 2 so I got a clear one which was the intense care one in the picture it's the yellow packaging with pink writing. The next one I got was a coulored one which was the "pink punch" which has a slight pink tint to it and this is the one with the pink packaging and yellow writing. Finally I got the neon pink one which is known as "pink shock" and is a neon pink. I have tried it and it does  feel nice on the lips and does leave them soft.

Next I got a Calvin Klein lipstick in the shade "clear rose off of amazon for £2.92. When I swatched it on my hand it seems pigmented and I can't wait to use it.

Finally I got a Rimmel "Apocalips Lip Laquer" in the shade "meteoric matte" for £2.98 on amazon otherwise they are around £6.49 at other retailers such as Boots. It seems quite nice and very pigmented.

First I brought 2 Soap & Glory carbon black extreme eyeliner pens (as seen in pink boxes either side of the No7 foundation) which are £6 eye however I got mine on buy one get one half price and couldn't see anything else I wanted so that's why I have 2. I have swatched it and found that it is very pigmented and black.

Next I brought Rimmel's "Volume Flash Scandaleyes mascara extreme black"(£6.99) which is the black and orange one. I personally always use Rimmel mascaras and quite liked the look of this one because I always go for ones that volumise.

Finally I got the Rimmel "wonder'full mascara with argan oil" (£7.99). I'm not sure what the argan oil does but this is the latest mascara by Rimmel so I'm looking forward to use it.

Hunting the best drugstore palettes | Sleek i-Divine Vintage Romance

I brought this palette from my local Superdrug for £7.99. I have always heard how good the quality of these shadows are and so am so excited to try it out.

 Personally I love the packaging because it's nice and slim and easy not only to store but great to travel with. It's so nice and clean and for the price you would think it was a high end palette. Another thing I love about this palettes is the names given to the colours inside.

The names make me want to take the palette away on holiday and use it abroad.

Here I swatched the shadows and the pigmentation is very good for the price though "Pretty in Paris" didn't come out quite the way I wanted it to.

My rating?           

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Top Tip Tuesday! | Make a bad day a good one

We all have those days where we wake up in a bad mood or come home from work/college and are not in the mood for anything. Trust me I've been there many times but there are ways to cheer up because it has been scientifically happier people live longer so if that's not a reason to be happy I don't know what is. So lets get into my top 5 tips for being happy. 

1. Put your favourite music on (these can be those old guilty pleasure tracks we all have them your secrets safe) and I mean put them on loud and dance and sing along! You can even grab that hair brush that's laying on the side and sing into it! Make sure you put on a performance for yourself after all no one's judging you.

2. Tip two is have a nice warm drink like tea or coffee. Personally I'd opt for a nice big cup of hot chocolate. 

3.Ring up friends or family I love speaking to anyone I'm close with because somehow they always make me smile 

4. Remember your favourite memory or if you don't have just one you'll think about all your best ones and thinking about it should help 

5. Simply just smile! Go look in the mirror and pull faces at yourself. This tip seems crazy but it will make you laugh and when you laugh everything is 100 times better .

 Here are some of the things and people that make me happy

Sunday, 21 September 2014

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Hunting the best drugstore paletes | MUA Pretty Edgy

In this series I will look at different drug store brands and give my opinions on them so you know what's what in the world of palettes. To kick us off I have my MUA Pretty Edgy palette which I brought from Superdrug for £8.

The packaging is a hard plastic which looks very durable and is small enough to store but large enough for the product to last a long time. Like in the name it is pretty edgy but I think it looks pretty cool having the little studs on it and it sets it apart from the rest of my palettes.

Here I have swatched it and I'll be honest the pigmentation isn't the best especially with the shimmery eye shadows however I don't think it's the worst and I do wear this a lot and I think it's good for beginners.Below I have put a look from this palette.

My overall rating?