Monday, 27 October 2014

Top Tip Tuesday - Nail Tutorial

So this is simple yet effective way of creating these nails which can be changed and modified to look great for everyone. So here's a photo step by step guide, enjoy!

First off you will need white, red, orange, yellow and black nail polish, top coat nails polish, a makeup sponge and a nail file.

Next file down your nail and apply a base coat (unfortunately I did not have any so I skipped this step). Then apply the white nail polish making sure it is not sheer and is opaque as it will not work if it is.

Next take the three colours and apply them to the sponge slightly overlapping each of them. You may need to apply a few coats.

Place the sponge over your thumb and rock it back and forth then dab it until you are satisfied with the way the colours are blended.

Warning it does create a mess over your skin as you can see in the picture so after you will want to take the excess off but first complete this step on all nails. You may need to add more coats of nail varnish onto the sponge.

Here you can see I have repeated the steps over all my nails and it does get quite messy.

The next step I have cleaned around the nails and this picture shows you better the outcome I was happy with. You can leave it here and like I said you can change the colours to suit the occasion or outfit. If this is what you wish to do apply a top coat just to protect the nails.

Next I painted triangles onto my nails just to add a little bit extra. Next you'll want to apply a top coat just to add a protection and then bam you're done with your nails which with a little more effort look amazing.

I hope you enjoy these nails and if you try them out tweet me a photo. You can find my details at the "About Me" page.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Autumn Nail Designs

As autumn is in it's peak all the summer colours are out and the fall ones are in we need to change things up a bit like putting on a few more layers. So just to add a bit of sparkle and colour to your outfit I thought I'd show you some nail designs you can copy and enjoy yourself. If you would like any tutorials of these just leave a comment below telling me which one. Hope you enjoy them!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Favourite Friday

Ok, so here I'll talk about something I loved during the week or over the month. This is the first week and I think it is only fair to mention the amazing friend that got me into blogging. She's been my rock not just for this last week but for the last few and I know if I'm ever struggling or need someone she'll be there. So Jess thank you for everything I will always be here if you ever need me because I could never repay you for everything you've done.

You should check out her blog at 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Hunting the best drugstore palettes | Collection All About TheEyesPalette (Little Mix edition)

I was shopping the other day and noticed this small little palette which I though was quite cute and perfect for the autumn/winter time. It's retailed at £3.19 and I brought mine from Boots but I'm sure you can get it from Superdrug too. Personal I love Collection as they do some great makeup for beginners and is cheap too.

If you do get this palette the first thing you may notice about it is that it's quite small. However I do like this about it as it fits in my handbag and is great to travel with. The packaging is quite cardboardy which means it could break easily which is probably my only concern about it. 
Here I done some swatches the colour is buildable so you may not get the pigmentation you want first time. The colours are also very shimmery especially the gold colour as it has larger glitter in so if you are not a shimmery shadow person this palette will not be for you I'm afraid. I personally don't mind shimmer but I found it very shimmery.
 I think this palette will be great for beginners and has great lasting power especially the black and for the price you can't really go wrong.
My rating? ★★★★☆