Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Summer nails

I don't know about you but when it comes to summer I love painting my nails in pretty colours. So here are a few designs I have tried out. I find that your nails can sometimes be not only pretty but can be a way to express yourself.

So here is the first one and they are butterfly wings. These take forever to do I shan't lie to you because I do the ombré nail underneath then taken the black and created the wing and finished it off with the wire dots. I love this design it's one of my favourites and if you would like a tutorial on any of the nail designs I've created just leave a comment below.

Ok so this next one is a pretty blue and purple ombré nail. I really like these colours they are perfect colours I feel for summer. I just kind of experimented and these seemed to work. That's ta the key I guess is experimentation.

Lastly I have these pink and gold nails. I'm not sure if you can see the but the pink is actually matte coated and the pink is such a cute colour from nails inc called fizz.

So this is just a few designs I created and if you would like to see more or have a tutorial on them please let me know in comments and I will try my best to do that for you.

Friday, 24 July 2015

My 18th Birthday Surprise

So this week I thought I would go for a different sort of post. This is a vlog from one of my best friends Jess or itsbeingmejess. I just want to take the time to say thank you to my best friends Kayleigh and Jess. It was an amazing day and I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the day.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Unboxing | Glossy Box July 2015

 Hey guys! So I have another unboxing for you! I'm so excited especially as I have seen all the little previews on instagram that Glossybox have been putting out. This months theme is "vive la france" and I have to say the box looks so cute.
Look at the top it's got all the famous moneuments in Paris. I will definitely repurpose this box because it is too cute not to! The back of it looks like this (to the left) and is so detailed and makes the box that but more special because they have gone that extra mile to add detail to the bottom!

So this is what the box looks like inside with the tissue paper and ribbon however it's a different colour because of the new theme. There is even little details inside the lid and hats off to glossy box because they have put so much effort into it.
So I just opened it up and all the products are in this super cute translucent bag! I absolute love it because it looks amazing and I can use it when I travel.

So the first thing I picked out is this Magnificant Enhancing Serum boost. Not only does it have a cute pink packaging but it is a large sample size. I'm not sure it is something I would normally go for however I am super excited to give it ago.
Next up we have this
 Delicieuse lip balm which is delicious! I have had this the last few days and have been trying it and it tastes amazing and has made my lips super soft.

Next up we have this perfect skin refiner. I can't wait to try this and the packaging is good because it has a pump which I haven't seen before but looks cool and looks like it will be really useful.

So last thing we got was this Evidence perfume.  love it because it smells amazing. Usually I'm not sure about perfume samples because they are usually small but this is a big sample and smells amazing.

So that was my Glossy Box! I completely fell in love with my box and would love to know if you got one and if you did what was your favourite thing in it or if you didn't what you would like about it?

Friday, 17 July 2015

Unboxing | Birchbox July 2015

It's that time again! Time for another unboxing, well I say unboxing except this month as you may or may not know BirchBox decided to change it from a box to a bag just for this month. Birch Box is a monthly subscription service that costs £10 without delivery so all together it comes to around £13.

 So this is what all the products look like outside the bag there seems to be quite a few products in it and I see a few cute little products that I can't wait to take a closer look at. The bag is also a nice tough from birchbox I might have preferred a pink or turquoise one but it's still cute.

So the first thing I pick out is this cute trio of POP eye shadows called Peach Parfiat. They come in a white, orange and brown shades. They are really pigmented shadows when I swatched them. The packaging is super cute and the flowers on the front make it a nice little palette. I'm travelling soon and so this will be perfect for travelling. It's a sample size however a full size product would cost £15.50.

Next thing we got was this Soigne Nail Lacquer which was full size and worth £11. I like the colour of the nail lacquer however it seems you need a couple of coats as it appears to be sheer. The packaging is really cute and is a rather large bottle.

Next we have this Benefit Dream Screen which is sun screen for the face it's a 6ml bottle and the packaging is so cute. I loved the fact that we got a benefit sample as I love the brand. This is a sample size but a full size would cost £25 so to get a sample is good as it is quite an expensive product to buy without sampling.

Next is this UNANI body treatment with aloe vera. If you get a sunburn this should help as aloe vera is known to be soothing on the skin. It's a good sample size and is great to throw in a beach bag with a towel. Or great for keeping in a bed side drawer for when you get home and your skin isn't feeling great.

The Spa To You nail buffer is another full size product and is worth £4.99 personally I am not thrilled about this product because I have many of these in my draw that I personally don't use however it's a nice bonus beauty extra.

Lastly we received this Indemne Eau de Genie which is an organic skin spritz. It is a birchbox exclusive and looks like it is a good sample size. It's not something I personally would buy however it's nice to try something new. The smell is quite nice but something special. I don't think I will buy this again but it's nice to try.

So this is my July birchbox I enjoyed going through it. If you got this box what did you think? Or if you didn't get this months edition what would your favourite product have been?

Friday, 10 July 2015

Hunting the Best Drugstore Palettes | BarryM starry eyed

So this is the Starry Eyed Shadow and Blush Palette by Barry M. Usually when I think of the brand Barry M I think of nail varnish as that is usually what I purchase from them however they have recently brought out these eye shadow palettes so I thought why not try one of them. This one is limited edition and may be sold out however I have seen it in TKMaxx so there are still some out there. I purchased it because I fell I love with the purple colour in the palette and the blush was such a pretty coral colour.

So here is what the palette looks like when it is opened. The packaging is cardboard so you have to be carful not to damage it in anyway. It does have a quite large mirror which is always a good feature. It came with 2 plastic applicators. This is kinda good because I always end up loosing them however I do prefer to use my Real Techniques brushes now. I might be a little scared to travel with it just because it is cardboard and I wouldn't want to squash it by chucking it in my suitcase.
So these are the colours close up. Like I said before I really like the purple sparkly colour. There is a mix of shimmer and matte shades. However I am not sure how to use the red brick colour. The gold does look nice though and isn't too yellow like a lot of other golds I have come across.

Lastly I have swatched colours below, the matte shades seem a lot more pigmented then the shimmer shades and the blush wasn't very pigmented. The gold does look very nice when it was switched so I am going to have to play around with that and test it out a bit more and create some looks with it. I feel that thus palette will definitely be more of a night time palette.

My rating? ★★★☆☆

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hunting the Best Drugstore Palettes | GOSH New York palette

So today I thought we would look at the GOSH New York palette which is made up of mostly purple shades. I have had this palette for a while however I don't tend to reach for it if I am being completely honest. It is quite a small palette and is made of plastic and so it is very easy to travel with. However it does not stand out amongst my other palettes that I have.
So this is what it looks like inside. The shadows are rather large which is a good thing and they go from light to dark. The mirror is big so it is a good palette to travel with as the shades have a slight range.
so here is what the shades look like close up. Personally I haven't used it since I have brought it because I haven't found a look that I feel suits me and I have other colours similar to these which I feel are better.
So here I have swatched it and some of the lighter shades don't show up as well however this may be due to my skin tone. Personally I don't think the pigmentation is very good and shadows felt a bit chalky.

My rating? ☆☆☆
Do you have this palette? If so let me know in the comments your thoughts on it, maybe you've had a better experience with it let me know.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

What I Got For my Birthday

So you may have noticed that last week I did not post which I am so sorry about. However this is because I was out celebrating my 18th birthday. Here in the UK when you turn 18 you become an adult and so this is a very big birthday and I am so lucky with the friends and family I have around me because the celebrations went on all weekend and I was thoroughly spoiled! I would just like to say thank you to everyone that came and how I appreciate everything you have done for me and to those who have been in the first 18 years of my life that you are there for many more years because I don't know what I would do without you.
So I thought I would show you a couple of photos from the weekend. The first one which you can see below is one from my barbecue with 2 of the best friends in the entire world. I had a great night celebrating with friends and family.
Me (left), Kayleigh (centre) and Jess (right)
Next I have a couple of photos from my actual birthday on the Sunday. We went to TGI Fridays where I was made to wear an embarrassing balloon hat. This was lovely and I celebrated with my family. It was lovely to spend this time with my family and I am so grateful.
My sister Megan (left), me (centre), My dad Steve (right)
Here are a few of the gifts I thought I would share with you guys. The first being this super cute photo frame which has the word love in it and includes many photos from my childhood some of which I don't remember but it was such a thoughtful gift from close family friends.
Next up we have some Baylis and Harding smellys which look amazing and the boxes are super cute. I cannot wait to pamper myself with them. Also we have my favourite lush product which is the comforter and is a bubblebar. This was given to me by my best friend in the world (she knows me too well).
Next we have a few things that have "18" on them. I received 5 wine glasses with 3 different designs. Which is great because I can use some of them and display the other ones without worrying I'll ruin them. I also got this 18 plaque which had a pen attached to the back and was passed around at my barbecue with everyone writing a small message. This was such a lovely and novel gift.
One of the last things I want to show you guys is this little bundle of popcorn and movies. It was such a cute little treat and included a couple of films picked out by my family that I will definitely watch and the fact it is in a popcorn tub just makes it that much more novel.
I did receive other gifts and I am grateful for all of them however I would not have time to show you them all so I thought I'd pick a few of them out at random. Thank you to everyone that celebrated my birthday with me and thank you guys for reading this post and I will see you on Friday.