Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Unboxing | Glossy Box July 2015

 Hey guys! So I have another unboxing for you! I'm so excited especially as I have seen all the little previews on instagram that Glossybox have been putting out. This months theme is "vive la france" and I have to say the box looks so cute.
Look at the top it's got all the famous moneuments in Paris. I will definitely repurpose this box because it is too cute not to! The back of it looks like this (to the left) and is so detailed and makes the box that but more special because they have gone that extra mile to add detail to the bottom!

So this is what the box looks like inside with the tissue paper and ribbon however it's a different colour because of the new theme. There is even little details inside the lid and hats off to glossy box because they have put so much effort into it.
So I just opened it up and all the products are in this super cute translucent bag! I absolute love it because it looks amazing and I can use it when I travel.

So the first thing I picked out is this Magnificant Enhancing Serum boost. Not only does it have a cute pink packaging but it is a large sample size. I'm not sure it is something I would normally go for however I am super excited to give it ago.
Next up we have this
 Delicieuse lip balm which is delicious! I have had this the last few days and have been trying it and it tastes amazing and has made my lips super soft.

Next up we have this perfect skin refiner. I can't wait to try this and the packaging is good because it has a pump which I haven't seen before but looks cool and looks like it will be really useful.

So last thing we got was this Evidence perfume.  love it because it smells amazing. Usually I'm not sure about perfume samples because they are usually small but this is a big sample and smells amazing.

So that was my Glossy Box! I completely fell in love with my box and would love to know if you got one and if you did what was your favourite thing in it or if you didn't what you would like about it?

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