Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hunting the Best Drugstore Palettes | GOSH New York palette

So today I thought we would look at the GOSH New York palette which is made up of mostly purple shades. I have had this palette for a while however I don't tend to reach for it if I am being completely honest. It is quite a small palette and is made of plastic and so it is very easy to travel with. However it does not stand out amongst my other palettes that I have.
So this is what it looks like inside. The shadows are rather large which is a good thing and they go from light to dark. The mirror is big so it is a good palette to travel with as the shades have a slight range.
so here is what the shades look like close up. Personally I haven't used it since I have brought it because I haven't found a look that I feel suits me and I have other colours similar to these which I feel are better.
So here I have swatched it and some of the lighter shades don't show up as well however this may be due to my skin tone. Personally I don't think the pigmentation is very good and shadows felt a bit chalky.

My rating? ☆☆☆
Do you have this palette? If so let me know in the comments your thoughts on it, maybe you've had a better experience with it let me know.

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