Friday, 26 June 2015

June Favourites

Hey Guys! So today I thought I would I'd share with you what I've been loving this month so far! From the end of May to mid way through June I've had the massive stress of exams so beauty wasn't my top priority however here are some of the products that got me through. Below I will give you a few reasons why I love them so much.

So first off I love using this quick fix purifying charcoal mask which I have used a few time now. I love using it just whilst I am having a bath once a week. Charcoal masks have recently have been the thing to use in your skincare routine because it gets all the yucky stuff out of your skin. Once I use it to me it feels like my skin is breathing (sounds weird I know). Just in case you were wondering I have oily acne prone skin so if you have the same skin then I would definitely recommend this mask for you.
So next up we have my Bourjois 123 perfect foundation in No. 52 vanilla. This is the foundation I have been using most of the month. For me this has provided a good amount of coverage and has gone on easily.
Next up I have the L'Oreal gentle make-up remover. Everyone always says how you shouldn't use face wipes to clean off make up so I decided to try a new makeup remover. I love this one because I smells so nice it has a rosey sort of scent. It also is very soft on my skin and so I enjoy it.
Last up I have the Rimmel London Wonder'full mascara with argan oil. You only need a few coasts for long lashes and I love using it. If I'm in a hurry I reach for this as I know it will give me length and volume to me lashes. If I am rushing for work I put on foundation, press powder, eye liner and mascara.
What have your favourites been this month? I would love to know so leave a comment below which products you have been loving this month. I will see you guys next time.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Unboxing | birchbox June 2015

So I'm back again with another unboxing! This time we have June 2015 Birchbox. It came in such a pretty box. Like oh my goodness look at it! I got to choose what design I wanted, there was this pretty floral one, a stripy nautical one and another pattern. I'm obsessed with like floral patterns so this was a no brainer. The box is soooo cute as well you can definitely re purpose it.
So this is what the inside of the box looks like. I'm quite excited to get into this because there's some large products and it all looks so cute. It should be a good box because it is in calibration with French Sole. Remember if you'd like a full review leave a comment below and I will try and review it for you. As you may or may not be able to see in this box there are 7 items! That seems crazy because the box is only £10. So lets get into looking at the products individually.

So the first thing I picked out was this Cowshed body lotion. I think this is a travel size as it is 100ml and ususally they are around 300ml but still it is a big bottle for a subscription service. It has essential oils and lavender. Personally lavender is not my favourite smell but I will definitely use it. Especially as I have now finished my exams so I will be wanting to pamper myself for a little while.

Next thing I have her is by a brand called NUDE and it is a ProGenius Omega Treatment Oil. I have oily skin so I am not sure putting oil on my face is the right thing. However I did look at reviews on BirchBox and they say that it is good for my skin type.

Next thing I got was these STYLondon Temporary tattoos. Again just like in my glossybox review I'm not sure I will use them but I will try. There are some nice smaller ones such as the right one and the one with 3 lines.

After that we have the Beauty Protector Oil. This is an oil for the hair however with the oily skin comes the oily hair and so this product would probably give these to my sister but they really do smell like a nice product. They have 2 small bottles so I may keep one just incase my hair changes.

Now normally I am not a big fan of perfume samples but OMG! This perfume smelt so incredible. he full size of it is £60 so I am not sure I would buy a full size. This is called English Laundry by Christopher Wicks No.7. The smell is just beautiful.

One of the last things we have is the Model Co Powerlash Black Mascara it's a deluxe sample size but it is a great size for travel. A full size is £14. I can't wait to try this and I'm glad I got a beauty product.
Lastly as a life style bonus we got a shoe bag which you can see in the first picture. If you would like any full reviews leave a comment down below and make sure you tell me which products you got or that you would like to try. If you would like to check out Birch Box click here. See you guys next time!

Friday, 19 June 2015

Unboxing | June 2015 Glossybox

Hey guys! So I am back with another subscription unboxing eek it's so exciting getting one of these it's like a present to you from you but you have no idea what's in it. So this time I decided to try GlossyBox. The box looks like this and is a super pretty pink and can totally be repurposed. This month's box is themed "festival". I am really loving the look of the outside of the box because it is soooo pretty! I mean it is so sturdy and such a cute pink that it would look good anywhere maybe even as a gift box.
So when I opened the box this is what I saw there was a £25 gift voucher of your first eat fresh delivery which was pretty cool. I mean the box itself was £10 so that's doubled your money already! Then you have the cards telling you what's in the box and the one saying welcome to glossy box. Next you can see that the products are wrapped in the pretty tissue paper which is tied in a bow and has a sticker. The amount of detail glossy box have gone to is amazing it just looks so cute.
So here is a quick overview of all the products I got in this months box. I'll run through them all individually but as you can see they are all really good size products so that's really good. If you would like a full review of any products in the box just leave a comment down below and ill try and do it.


So first thing I pulled out was this Essence gel nail varnish in this navy blue colour. It seems a bit loud for me but if you saw my nails I am definitely into nail art so I am sure I can find a use for somewhere. I quickly tried it out but it does seem quite sheer. However it is a full size product and it isn't bad and it retails for £1.71.

Next thing I got was this sample size Rosewood Reviving Mist, it's supposed to revive your skin halfway through the day and set your makeup or hydrate your skin if you do not have makeup on. It's made from lemon, rosewood and geranium which is great for your skin so I'm quite looking forward to trying it out.

Next are these Halo fragrance free facial wipes. I really like halo wipes and I have recently ran out of wipes that I keep in my handbag and so this travel size is perfect! I don't know if anyone else would be excited about wipes but for me it's a great product to come in my box because if I am out sometimes a girl just needs a wipe yknow. Anyways these retail for £1.20 and you can get them anywhere really like Superdrug or Boots or even Tescos. So maybe if I was being picky it would be nice for a different product I hadn't tried before but I do love it.

Next we received these special flash tattoos that were designed especially for glossy box. They retail for £6.50 which is quite a lot for some tattoos I think and personally I would not usually wear them however because I got them in my Glossy Box I think that I will use them and they will great accessories for my birthday which is this month.

Finally I got this Kueshi anticellulite booster and when I opened the box it was the biggest thing I have seen. It's a full size 150ml bottle and retails for £14.55. It looks like a product I wouldn't pick up in the shop but I am so glad it came in my box. It's perfect because it will be great to get my legs looking nice for that summer look.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Beauty Haul June 2015

Whoopsies! I've done it again brought more makeup that I probably did not need. However for all of the product below I spent under £20! I know you are all thinking how but if you read on I will tell you exactly how I managed to save so much money in big brands such as Eylure and Elizabeth Arden.
So as you can see above I have brought 2 pairs of false eyelashes, 2 blushes, a eyeshadow duo, a lip pencil/gloss/stick, and a cream eyeshadow. If you would like a full review of any of the products I have hauled just leave a comment of which one below and I will try to do that once I have a fuller impression of them.
So the first products I have are the Maybelline Colour Show Blush 'em! I have the more coral one of the right and the pink of on the left. I think I prefer the more coral one as I feel it will suit me better but the pink one was pretty aswell. So I spent just £2 on the pair of them! This is because I found them believe it or not in the pound shop in the famous brands section. If you are reading from a different country these are shops where all products are just £1.
Next I have the Maybelline Hypercosmos eyeshadow duo in WN-1. It's a pretty purple and gold. It's a good size product and I can't wait to start using it especially as I find Maybelline a good brand. I also found this in the pound shop and so for all the Maybelline products I spent only £3.
Next I went to TKMaxx which if you are in the US is TJMaxx. They each were £2.99. I wanted to pick these up as I wanted to try to wear false eyelashes especially as I have a few big events this month including a friends birthday as well as my own.
Next I think are my favourite products from the haul and are two things from the Elizabeth Arden Summer collection. The first is the Beautiful Color Gloss Stick in the shade 02 Pink sky and is deep sort of pink. When I swatched it it seemed very creamy and soft. The next product is a Pure Finish Cream Eyeshadow in the shade 01 Sand Dollar and as you can see below is a nice shinny light pink. As you can see I have already tried it and it is very creamy. The Gloss stick was £2.99 and the eyeshadow was £3.99 from TKMaxx.
So that is everything I got this haul. I know it was quite brief but like I said if you would like to see a full review just leave a comment in the comment section below. Also if you could suggest products that I might like or where I can buy more products for cheaper prices please do let me know. Hope you enjoyed this and I will see you on my next post.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Unboxing | June 2015 Look Fantastic Beauty Box

So I decided to sign up to a subscription box after watching so many YouTube videos about them. I've order a few different ones just to try it out see which one I like best etc. So if you have any ideas or any you would like to see then just comment them below. This one I have here is the Look Fantastic box which I will link at the end. It was £15 without postage just for a one off purchase and the postage was just under £4 I think. So you get the box for under £20 and the box was worth a total £53.

So this is what the box looks like inside once you take it out of the cardboard box they send it in. It looks quite nice and you can definitely re use the box. The inscription in the box if you were wondering says "Discover something beautiful... #LFBEAUTYBOX".

Once you get through the tissue paper you get a little discount voucher thing for your next purchase and a little card that tells you details about the products you have received.

As you can see above you get 6 products which are all sample/travel size. The largest product in there was the shampoo and the shine spray which were 50ml. So I will next go through each product individually.

So the first thing is this Korres Aloe & Soapwort shampoo for frequent use. It's 50ml and smells ok (not the best but something I would use without too much complaint). Korres is a good brand so I'm quite excited to try it. It's not a bad sample size either so I'm pretty happy with this product.

Next is a product by Caudlie and is a radiance serum complexion correcting cream. The booklet says that it is the No 1 anti-dark spot product in france. It's quite small but if it is just for spots then you only really need a small bottle. If it does even skin tone and does what it says it should be a very good product and I would consider repurchasing it.

The Next product is the one I am most looking forward too and it's a Glycolactic radiance renewal facemask. It is supposed to remove dead skin cells to renew complexion, make skin look brighter, healthier and more radiant, helps reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and combats black heads and blemishes. This is quite a lot for one product to do so I am a little bit sceptical but all the same I am excited to use it.

The next product is the one I am least happy with. It's a shine hair spray from label.m the good thing about it is it has a UV protection however I already have a shine spray by kms and I don't tend to use it. So I will probably give it to my sister as she does a hairdressing course and would find more use for it.

Next is a Crème Prodigieuse (not sure how to say it) but it is a reviving moisturising cream for normal to combination skin and is 15ml so is quite a small sample size. I have other creams like this so it isn't something special for me however it is always nice to try something new and you never know I may like it.

Last but not least is a rapid collagen infusion by Murad it comes in a plastic pouch but it is in a 5ml bottle. It looks quite interesting and I haven't used something like this before so I am looking forward to it however I'm not sure if it is something I would regularly buy.

So that was my unboxing of the June 2015 Look Fantastic Beauty Box if you would like to see more of these posts then leave a comment below. Also comment if you got the box or if you didn't with what your favourite product was. I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you guys soon.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Top 5 Tuesday | 5 of the Cheapest Shops to Buy Good Makeup

So this post will be about shops you are able to visit to buy makeup at the lowest prices. Next time I shall do one about online shopping and where you can buy the cheapest makeup items there as well. As a beauty lover and a bargain hunter I love it when you get a good deal and save money because loving beauty products after all can get expensive.

1. TKMaxx
Normally I don't shop in TKMaxx because it seems like chaos if I am being honest. However recently I have come to love this shop as I have found some real jewels in beauty products. They sell many high end brands and low prices such as Elizabeth Arden, Stila, Bare Minerals, Essie and ORL to name but a few. Last time I went in there I could see that they sold sets that you may not find in your Boots or Superdug but might find at an airport. I would definitely recommend going in here to look however the stock varies between shops and different stock appears all the time.


2. Pound Shops
Although there is a certain stigma attached to shopping at pound shops they sell some good brands such as Maybelline, Revlon and Rimmel. You cannot get things such as your foundation in these shops and they are usually a one off find so if you are looking for something specific then you may want to look in other shops that have a full range of products.

3. Superdrug
I love when Superdrug does certain deals such as 2 products from the same range for £10 because I usually save more than £5 every time. You just have to look closely at their deals. Alsoif you have one of their loyalty cards you can save up your points and spend them instead of using money which is always great.

4. Boots
This for the same reason as Superdrug you just have to look out for deals they may have on and they often have spend a certain amount and get a free box of goodies worth (enter amount but usually around £30) which incises you to buy that certain amount but can be good if they have things you will use in the box. They also have a rewards card which is good to save up points on.

5. TopShop
Topshop have a great range of makeup that many YouTubers such as Zoella rave about. The larger stores usually have more range of products but the smaller branches also a good collection of stock and kohl liners are so good!

This just goes to show you don't have to spend loads of money on makeup to have a good selection. I hope my savy shopping saves you money next time you're out and about shopping. Comment below anywhere else in the UK that sells makeup that could save people money.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hunting The Best Drugstore Palettes | TheNudes by Maybelline

So today I will be looking at the palette TheNudes by Maybelline. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this palette and I wanted to see for myself if it was worth it. The palette retails for £9.99 and you can find it in shops such as Superdug and Boots in the UK. It's a palette mixed with both mattes and shimmer shades.
The packaging looks durable but very boring as it's made out of a hard black plastic. It comes with one of those plastic applicators (although I probably won't use it especially as it seems very pointy and as a clumsy person I would end up jabbing myself in the eye). The shades are all neutrals and so you would most probably use this for a neural eye or maybe a smokey eye with the black but that doesn't seem too likely. Therefore it seems you are quite limited in the amount of looks you can do. However the really cool thing about this palette is on the back it explains how the colours have been placed specifically so they are in quads, trios and duos. As I have illustrated in the pictures below. This gives people such as beginners a great instruction set on how to use the palette.


Overall I definitely think I need to use this palette more before I can really tell if it was worth the hype but from swatches dark colours seem pigmented a lot more then the lighter ones. I think this palette would be great for beginners for the reason I have said above. This palette seems at a good price and could probably be compared to those at the more high end of the scale of products.
My overall rating?