Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Top 5 Tuesday | 5 of the Cheapest Shops to Buy Good Makeup

So this post will be about shops you are able to visit to buy makeup at the lowest prices. Next time I shall do one about online shopping and where you can buy the cheapest makeup items there as well. As a beauty lover and a bargain hunter I love it when you get a good deal and save money because loving beauty products after all can get expensive.

1. TKMaxx
Normally I don't shop in TKMaxx because it seems like chaos if I am being honest. However recently I have come to love this shop as I have found some real jewels in beauty products. They sell many high end brands and low prices such as Elizabeth Arden, Stila, Bare Minerals, Essie and ORL to name but a few. Last time I went in there I could see that they sold sets that you may not find in your Boots or Superdug but might find at an airport. I would definitely recommend going in here to look however the stock varies between shops and different stock appears all the time.


2. Pound Shops
Although there is a certain stigma attached to shopping at pound shops they sell some good brands such as Maybelline, Revlon and Rimmel. You cannot get things such as your foundation in these shops and they are usually a one off find so if you are looking for something specific then you may want to look in other shops that have a full range of products.

3. Superdrug
I love when Superdrug does certain deals such as 2 products from the same range for £10 because I usually save more than £5 every time. You just have to look closely at their deals. Alsoif you have one of their loyalty cards you can save up your points and spend them instead of using money which is always great.

4. Boots
This for the same reason as Superdrug you just have to look out for deals they may have on and they often have spend a certain amount and get a free box of goodies worth (enter amount but usually around £30) which incises you to buy that certain amount but can be good if they have things you will use in the box. They also have a rewards card which is good to save up points on.

5. TopShop
Topshop have a great range of makeup that many YouTubers such as Zoella rave about. The larger stores usually have more range of products but the smaller branches also a good collection of stock and kohl liners are so good!

This just goes to show you don't have to spend loads of money on makeup to have a good selection. I hope my savy shopping saves you money next time you're out and about shopping. Comment below anywhere else in the UK that sells makeup that could save people money.

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