Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hunting The Best Drugstore Palettes | TheNudes by Maybelline

So today I will be looking at the palette TheNudes by Maybelline. There has been a lot of hype surrounding this palette and I wanted to see for myself if it was worth it. The palette retails for £9.99 and you can find it in shops such as Superdug and Boots in the UK. It's a palette mixed with both mattes and shimmer shades.
The packaging looks durable but very boring as it's made out of a hard black plastic. It comes with one of those plastic applicators (although I probably won't use it especially as it seems very pointy and as a clumsy person I would end up jabbing myself in the eye). The shades are all neutrals and so you would most probably use this for a neural eye or maybe a smokey eye with the black but that doesn't seem too likely. Therefore it seems you are quite limited in the amount of looks you can do. However the really cool thing about this palette is on the back it explains how the colours have been placed specifically so they are in quads, trios and duos. As I have illustrated in the pictures below. This gives people such as beginners a great instruction set on how to use the palette.


Overall I definitely think I need to use this palette more before I can really tell if it was worth the hype but from swatches dark colours seem pigmented a lot more then the lighter ones. I think this palette would be great for beginners for the reason I have said above. This palette seems at a good price and could probably be compared to those at the more high end of the scale of products.
My overall rating?             

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