Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Top Tip Tuesday! | Make a bad day a good one

We all have those days where we wake up in a bad mood or come home from work/college and are not in the mood for anything. Trust me I've been there many times but there are ways to cheer up because it has been scientifically happier people live longer so if that's not a reason to be happy I don't know what is. So lets get into my top 5 tips for being happy. 

1. Put your favourite music on (these can be those old guilty pleasure tracks we all have them your secrets safe) and I mean put them on loud and dance and sing along! You can even grab that hair brush that's laying on the side and sing into it! Make sure you put on a performance for yourself after all no one's judging you.

2. Tip two is have a nice warm drink like tea or coffee. Personally I'd opt for a nice big cup of hot chocolate. 

3.Ring up friends or family I love speaking to anyone I'm close with because somehow they always make me smile 

4. Remember your favourite memory or if you don't have just one you'll think about all your best ones and thinking about it should help 

5. Simply just smile! Go look in the mirror and pull faces at yourself. This tip seems crazy but it will make you laugh and when you laugh everything is 100 times better .

 Here are some of the things and people that make me happy

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