Friday, 7 August 2015

Unboxing | Birchbox August 2015

Hey guys! So I'm back from my holiday and I came back to see that my birchbox had been delivered! So I thought I would quickly review this for you guys as I have neglected my blog for about a week (whoopsie sorry!). So here is the box which is yet again a cute box which has lots of different symbols such as a hairdryer and a smiley face.

So I opened it up and it looks like this with the little draw string bag. So as soon as you open it up you can you get the little booklet that has all the products in it. Then underneath you get a cute little pack of stickers which I thought was such a great idea and a great lifestyle bonus.
So this is what it looks like inside box and there's quite a few things that I like the look of so I think we should dig in quickly before I burst with excitement!
Ok so the first thing I got was this Over Night Success Spot Minimizing Patches by Formula 10.0.6. It's a full size product and retails for £2.95 and if this works I definitely would consider buying more as I do seem to have acne prone skin unfortunately and am always looking for new ways to help minimize them. The only thing I would say is that it looks rather small and you may have to use multiple for multiple spots. It's quite cool that you can use it overnight though.
So next up is this Lord and Berry blush in the shade Lotus. I have heard such great things about this brand and when the sneak preview on instagram showed this product I was extremely excited. So the blush came like this and I'm not quite sure how I am going to store it but it's quite cute and isn't a colour I would have picked however it is definitely something I am willing to try. The full size product is £17 so I would really have to like it to purchase it.
Ok so next up is this theBalm bronzer/blush. This again is a cute sample and I love the packaging the front part is magnetically connected so that's really cool. I would probably use this more as a bronzer rather than a blush just because of the colour. I am honestly so excited to use this and if I do like it I may consider buying it as it is £15.
Next up is the Huygens exfoliating cream. It's a good size sample and you only use a coin-sized amount each time I'm not sure about the smell personally I don't feel like I like the smell but someone else may really like it. It says that it purifies without irritation so that is definitely something I would like to have in my skincare routine. The full size of this product would cost around £17.50.
Next up we have a Kebelo clarifying shampoo. I'm not sure how I feel about receiving shampoo samples just because I have so much hair and so the samples last me maybe one or two washes at most. It is £13.95 for a full size which to me doesn't seem quite worth it for a shampoo however it depends how it makes my hair.
So lastly what we have the Rituals Ayurenda Scrub which has Indian Rose and Multani Clay. It smells really nice and Rituals is supposed to be a good make and so I am looking forwards to using it. The packaging is really cute and it is a good size sample because it is about the size of something that comes in a gift set.
So that was my birchbox and I have got to say this might just be my favourite one so far. If you got this months birch box please tell me what your favourite product was and if you would like a full review on anything leave a comment below and I will try and do that for you. See you on my next post!

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