Tuesday, 18 August 2015

America and Canada Beauty Haul

Ok so you may or may not know but over the last few couple of weeks I was away visiting family in Canada because one of my cousins got married. So whilst I was there I took advantage of the opportunity and went shopping quite a few times to shops and places that I hadn't been to and that we don't get back in the UK. So here are a few of the things I picked up from different shop and I shall try and write the prices of each item aswell and maybe even a link as to where you can get them from if like me you live not in the states or Canada.
So first off I went to Bath and Body which if you didn't know this is a shop that sells things such as body lotion, body wash, hand sanitizers, candles and body mist. So when I walked into the shop I saw these really cute hand sanitizers and because some of my friends are a bit obsessed with them I thought I would pick some up because it would make a perfect present and they were on sale in America for $6 for 5 and in Canada 3 for 5$. I think they are really cute and smell super nice.
Ok so this next few products are also from Bath and Body Works. They were 3 for 12$ (American dollars) so that's really good and they are a good size so they make me extremely excited. As you can see I already have a matching "mad about you" hand sanitizer which meant of course I had to get the spray too. The two pink ones are very sweet floral scent where as the red one called A Thousand Wishes is more of a musty scent. I can't wait to use them.
Next up we have 2 EOS lip balms and 2 hand creams which were 3$ per lip balm and 2$ per hand lotion. I got these from Dollarama in Canada. I love the EOS lip balms and have always wanted to get them however they are a lot more expensive in England. I also wanted to buy them for one of my best friends because she loves beauty almost as much as I do.
So next up we have these secret deodorants which smell beautiful we also don't really get these in England and they are what my mum introduced me to. For these types of deodorant when I buy them they are around £4-£5 but in Canada in Walmart they were under 3$ which was amazing! They also last a long time and they also come in a gel formula but I prefer this more powdered one.
So next up is a palette I have been wanting ever since it came out however it only came out in America and Canada. It's the blushed nudes palette by Maybelline and I have the Nudes palette which is a good palette but the more rosy tones are more my colours and even the cashier said what beautiful colours they were. I love the fact they include mattes and shimmer shades it's an amazing palette and some of the colours remind me of the naked 3 palette so this might be an affordable dupe. I may have to test them out side by side and compare them.

So the next two products are ones I am super excited about which is the GlamGlow travel size mud mask and the makeup setting spray by urban decay which is also a travel size. They were around 20$ each but because they are quite expensive products so getting a travel size can mean I can test them out before splurging out on them.

So next us was this Time to Prime Sephora Favourites this seemed like such a good idea to test all the products. It includes some really great ones however it includes a hair primer which I didn't even know was a thing. It's a good value for money I feel however I'm not feeling happy with the nail base coat because you can get these cheaply.

Next we have the Too Faced Most Loved and they have some great samples and I love this brand so it was great to get small set of their products. It even includes the better than sex mascara which I have really wanted to try for a while now.

Next I thought I would try some sort of Sephora face masks so I got the sleep ones because I hadn't heard of them before. I got two different ones to try and if you would like to know how I got on with them and more of a review just let me know in the comment section below.

Ok so this was my haul and if you would like to see a full review let me know below! See you guys on the next post.

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