Monday, 17 November 2014

L'Oréal lipstick review

So I have been admiring these lipsticks for for awhile now especially the collection exclusive/privee. Everytime I walked past them in Boots or Superdrug I picked it up and ummed and urred but didn't buy them until now. I brought mine from Superdrug on a 3 for 2 for £6.99 each but like I said I had looked and wanted them for ages so it wasn't just an impulse buy. I have recently really wanted to start wearing lipsticks and I felt if I got some good quality ones that didn't feel sticky it would make me want to wear them.

I got one collection exclusive by Eva in the shade Eva's nude, the second in is from collection privée by Julianne in the shade Julianne's nude and the third is a normal Color Riche in the shade 302 bois de rose. I chose this because they are quite muted tones and are very nutural. I love the each of the colours even though they are very similar. Underneath is a picture of the swatches I took of each lipstick

They are super creamy and smell quite nice and they really aren't sticky which is what I want in a lipstick. I found them to have long lasting ability and so am really looking forward to wearing them.

Personally I love the packaging I have to say I prefer the black packaging to the gold but I think they feel sturdy so could get knocked around in my handbag and still be fine. I like the fact there's a sort of clip on the lid so it doesn't fall off which means you can just throw it in your handbag when your leaving because who has time to make sure it's all ok in your bag before you leave. 

I would definitely recommended these however I feel it's better for those who aren't just beginning makeup because of the price and other things I feel that for a beginner a collection or a rimmel lipstick might be better.

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